Upholstery Cleaning:

Most people don’t realize just how soiled their upholstered furniture is … and how much contaminated dirt, pollen, dust mite feces, pollution, and grunge sits in the cushions. Even if you keep your house Spartan clean, your couch may be a Trojan horse harboring an army of dust, mold and grime. Allergists, upholsterers and cleaners all agree that the key to keeping upholstered furniture in good shape is frequent vacuuming

Think of how much dust would accumulate on a table if it were never dusted. That same amount is on your sofa too. You just can’t see it. Dust is the #1 Enemy of upholstered furniture. Gritty matter blows in through open doors and window and impregnates itself on your furniture cushions and backs. Then, when you sit on the cushions, the oils from your skin compress the dirt into the fabric until it’s almost impossible to remove by vacuuming. The abrasive action of the grit compressing into the fiber cuts the fibers like a knife-that’s a major reason your furniture wears out. Then combine this with pollen, food crumbs, dust mites and their fecal pellets… your furniture is literally awash with soiling the short span of just a year (with the average family). If you have pets and kids, your furniture needs to be needs to be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year.
People are Talking…Testimonials
“Everything from our first phone call to the actual cleaning was exceptional. We are very pleased with how great our carpet & upholstery look.”
Nancy Manfredi, Reno, NV:
“Great Service, Great Price, very Friendly and Professional. Thank you so much, I will call you again.”
Frank Vargas, Sparks, NV:
“Your employee was polite, hard working and fast. James got out all of the stains in our carpet. This is the third time we have used your company, and will continue to in the future.”
Beverly Green, Reno, NV:
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