Stone Floor Polishing Reno Nv

Stone floors are beautiful and add value to your home.  That’s why you invested in them in the first place. However these natural materials need to be maintained.

Sweeping and mopping aren’t enough.  Stone may seem like an indestructible choice for flooring and even countertops and showers but they still retain soil and become etched and dull.  But cleaning is not enough!

Why Stone Floor Polishing is Necessary

Over time your natural stone floor becomes dull from foot traffic, soil and food spills.  Imagine if you could see your floor on a microscopic level.  What could you see? That’s right,  all of the imperfections on the surface of your floor and even all of the tiny scratches.  If you could look at the surface from the side it would look something like a stock market graph!

Why does the floor appear dull then?  Simply because the floors surface is not “smooth” anymore. Thus when light hits on the surface of your scratched floor it bounces around and doesn’t reflect back to your eyes like a smooth surface would.

Think about taking a mirror outside and rubbing sand all over it.  What would happen to the reflection you could see in it?  That’s right it would become dull and hazy.  The same thing happens to your stone floors and surfaces.

How Does Stone Floor Polishing Work

By using special polishing agents and pads on a rotating floor machine we are able to remove these micro-scratches and dull areas from the surface of your floor.

Can’t you just seal or wax my floor?

This is definitely NOT recommended since this would be simply covering the problem and could cause more harm than good.   Possibly trapping moisture into the stone and clogging the stones pores and capillaries.

Full Circle Services can polish your natural stone floors.

Our polishing process removes the micro scratches that gives your floor a dull finish and restores your natural stones luster.

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Stone Polishing BeforeStone Polishing After

Actual Before and After Photos of a recent stone polishing. What a difference!