For the most efficient ways to remove dust, follow these tips from cleaning experts Sarah Aguirre, Don Aslett, and Heloise Cruse:

• Vacuum cleaners are a great way to pick up dust without spreading it around — as long as you have a good filter in place. Use the extension wand to dust up high.
• Microfiber cloths and disposable electrostatic cloths and dusters also remove dust without stirring it up.
• Start dusting at the top and move down to avoid having to go over surfaces more than once.
• Don’t forget the ceiling and the tops of ceiling fans, where dust can build up and rain down if it is disturbed.
• Dust before you vacuum to keep particles from ending up on a freshly vacuumed floor.
• Use a multi-purpose spray cleanser, furniture polish, or just water to dampen your dust cloth. Put old, clean socks on your hands and spray them with furniture polish for a fast dusting.